According with Rodolfo Cerron Palomino, from whom I am submitting a brief about his article: he support  that the aymara was fundamental for the Andes world. In the mountain range center of the Andes, the quechua is the first language but, when we make an analysis we realize that the name of the places are coming from the aymara language, Why is it important? because when a language dissapears the only thing that remain are place names. Is not easy going around invented them. We arrive to some place and we learn the name of it. They have a message telling us about the people, the context and the place. This is the problem; everybody start to study "place names" but with out any linguistic base. The Incas spoke Aymara? the oficial language of the Incas was the Aymara. This is something that never is going to be accepted from the people from Cuzco.  

We are going to start with Qosco. The people do everything to try to explain it through the Quechua. It is not possible, it is an Aymara word. It is very proven. In the vocabulary Aymara the meaning remain and means owl. Why? the answer come from the chroniclers of the XVI century: one of the Ayar brothers was converted in a owl and flew to Coricancha to take possession, after it the owl was petrified. Since this day the place is called: "the Stone where the owl landed". 
But the Incas spoke Quechua. They took this language. For practical reasons they adopted it as an official language: the Quechua was spoken in all the Chinchaysuyo. But up to the time of Tupac inca Yupanki was spoken Aymara.

A civilization so advance as the anunnaki, who comes from the planet Nibiru, must have a very developed language. I am going to proof that the aymara language is the anunnaki language. 


"A Different Past" get as into the world of the anunnaki, "those who comes from the sky to the earth", to Zecharia Sitche, the translator of the sumerians tablets, to the great Tiahuanaco empire;to the Incas; and to the amazing cultures from the ancient world; up to most recently times where is possible to perceive the big interest from the nazis who through the "Ahnenerbe",   organization that was created from them with the mission of rediscovery the ancient technology, they made  expeditions at all costs around the world. The Ahnenerbe allowed the nazis made a great technologic jump in a middle of the Second War World: The nazi bell

This book set his focus over the history of the civilization from a very different angle, filling some pieces of the big puzzle that is our history. One of this peaces is about the relationship of "the Anunnaki language". A very developed civilization, as the anunnaki civilization, must  have an amazing language that had the same level of them. This language was logic to search into ta very developed culture that was the Tiahuanaco, the culture that was the predecessor of the incas, the language of them was the aymara, it was a software itself, the current technology allow us to prove it through the trivalance of the Aymara language.

In other hand, when was decipher the Viracocha god, of the Sun Gate of Tiahuanaco what we got is fractal geometry and the presence of quantum physics, which allowed the developed of a software: The the F6 Solution.

Was Sumeria where happened the first anunnaki expedition to the Earth? happened others to Tiahuanaco? The most stongest argument is the language, the expedition must happened in a time that the languages musn't be developed a lot, therefore was most easy that the language of the   aliens was impost. This process didn't happen on others places, in Tiahuanaco was impost, in others places was mix.
The Nazi Bell Project Nazi Bell Pictures
The same etimology de Ti.Anaku, where the first part of the word is comming from an aymara word means "tin" and the second part from a sumerian word that means "tin" too. Even this last one could come from a sumerian word "ANAKUM" who means "what belong to the anunnaki".

In the anunnaki expeditions to Sumeria and Tiahuanaco exist several similarities: both were looking for minerals, they carry on genetic experiments, and they made a same type of infraestructure (refineries, beacon cities, medical centres, landing ways, and so on, so on)Tiahuanaco and his sourrendings were so richest in: mercury, uranium, oil, tin, copper, and gold, and so on).


The evidence that reinforce that Tiahuanaco was a region of great interest is supported by: the Disclosure Project which described an aerial accident where the nave that crushed were using mercury, in the same way that the Vimana ancient flying machine of the ancient Indian and the Nazi Bell, who was the top greatest nazi invent of the Second World;the possibility of the presence of Martin Bormann,the most important war criminal who escaped from the  allies, in Peru in the decade of the fifties;is interesting to  highlight the fact that Edmond Kiss an Ahnenerbe official who drove an expedition to Tiahuanaco was choose as head of the segurity guard of the 'Wolf's lair', main commanad post of Hither during the war.Is interesting to see how the Nazi Bell and the Vimana Ancient Flying Machine were very similars.

In traditional way has given prominence to the Westen languages over the native languages, therefore have been negleted the studying of the last ones.

The languages keep a culture itself, they go further of its legends and myths, the languages keep into them the way that they understand the mathematic and the physical.  This is what I am trying to point out, how through the studying of a  language we may discover or rediscover what developed was a culture.

When few years ago I heard about the Aymara language I never thought what my curiosity about the trivalence of it could take me. The number of valance  is so important. The way that computers talk between each other is know for very few peoples, it consist in numericals values based in the binary system. It works only with two symbols which are know as "bit": 0 or 1; it is ideal to processing information and perfoming mechanically calculations. In the circuitry of a computer the "0" and "1" correspond to allow or not the pass of an electrical current. 

In today's computers will need something like 10,000 electrons flowing to play a bit of information. The '0 'and '1' can be understand as true and false. I want to emphasize that when we quote the Aymara lanuage and the culture that we assume that spoke this language was the 'Tiahuanaco' culture. We don't make any reference to a bivalent system instad it we are spoken about polivalent systems.  I will explain how the polivalent systems works and how developed is it.The polivalent system open a huge range of action in an exponentially way, this is about the true, false and pehaps or maybe true or false, if we go further of the trivalence system we will get the teravalence it is about the existence of four stages in our environment:the true, the false, the maybe true and maybe false.

We are in a new age quantum physics? or maybe we are rediscovering a lost technology? could be that specifically what we are doing is to realize that in ancient times existed quantum physics?

The trivalent and tetravalent systems pose greater computing power at lower cost. To use these systems we need to develop a quantum computing. And that is the amazing thing of all this because to know very well it is necessarry to get a very advance knowledge of quantum physics, if we search into the aymara language and the Tiahuanaco culture that is what we are going to find. The miniaturization of hardware components got nano circuits. In those soon the classical physics laws will be no longer valid.We are going inside the  domain of the quantum physics. The applicability of quantum physics depends on the possibility of developing a quantum computer.

The power of the quantum computers will be huge, for example, to determine if a number could be a prime number now takes to a computer thousands to millions of years, to find the out put to a quantum computer would take only a few seconds. A quantum computer would take us to what was shortly time ago science fiction : teletrasportation. In adition will be very useful in crytography and quantum analysis. The unit of quantum computing is the quantum bit (qubit).
In quantum mechanics the state of a particle is determined by assigning a probability, we can not talk about a '1' or '0' clearly determined (which is currently the case), we speak here of the quantum superposition that means the superposition at the same time of the two states to the same record. This apparent ambiguity has an advantage that makes a quantum computing a revolutionary development: parallel real processing the 'Mecca' of the computing. The step in the development of technology has gone from a manual process, mechanical, electronic, digital and is now about to take another leap forward "the quantum". We don't yet reache the quantum computer. From now I will try to go in chronological order to see how many things come together and show that we are not only in duty to recognize a culture that was much great and much older than officially accepted but we opens the door to have the opportunity to rediscover a technology that could make us to go further in the scientific field. 

The first thing I noticed about the Aymara was his own meaning who is "the remote language" or "distant time" (etymology comes from the Aymara, the words 'jaya mara', meaning 'distant time'). That increased my curiosity. In 1,603 the Jesuit Ludovico Bertonio in the 'Art of the Aymara language' [1] described the Aymara as 'endowed with huge flexibility and capacity to accommodate neologisms, particularly adapted to handle abstract concepts, so much that it only could be done in artificial way'.Un neologism is a word that appears in a new language. 

Then I discovered to Emeterio Villamil de Rada, a wise Bolivian  who spoke 32 languages,this was a result  from his wandering, interesting and adventurous life: host of Bolivar in La Paz, philologist, Doctor of Letters, writer, mining, political exile, a manufacturer of quinine, a journalist in the midst of the gold rush in California, a merchant in Mexico, migrant in Australia, adventure in Valparaiso, responsible for the demarcation of borders between Bolivia and Brazil. This man dedicated his life to researching, documenting and writing, as a result of their effort he wrote: 'The primitiveness American System' (four volumes),' American Nationalities emanating from Peru ' (a volume), 'The Eden locality and his map of the four rivers that accurately designates the Genesis' (a volume), 'The prehistoric history comming from of ulterior' (two volumes), 'Introduction to the aymara Teutonic vocabulary', 'Glossary' (a volume), 'From the aymara radical in the Aryans language ' (a volume), 'Primitive religion and its dogmas in America'(one volume) and a volume containing eight to ten 'Aymara Vocabularies' irradiated to other languages such as the Greek, Latin, English, Hebrew and scientific technology. 

In addition, he wrote  the 'History of the discovery of the primitive language', 'The state of the science of the European languages​', 'Notes about the elementary language', 'General Introduction to the aymara vocabulary in other languages' huge work : The philosophy of the humanity. In all his work Emeterio sustained that the biblical paradise was in Bolivia and that the first language of mankind was the Aymara. The philologist from Cochabamba tried to show that the oldest civilization in America and the world was the Aymara, and from there men migrated to the rest of the planet.

Boasting an impressive learning and memory, Emeterio Villamil de Rada show archaeological, ethnographic and philological who related the civilization of the Titicaca lake with the others American cultures. Moreover, the philologist claimed to find clear roots of the Aymara in languages that are ​​spoken in Iran, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Germany and many other places. 1.888 published in 'The Adan language', [2] This is a summary of all the work he had done. This summary is all that was saved from his work.


The Villamil de Rada work was partial and spectacularly confirmed by the discovery of the 'Fuente Magna' or 'The Rosetta Stone of the Americas' in the year 2000. It is charged with writing a bowl and proto Sumerian cueniforme, written 3,500 years before Christ. This was tested the connection of the Sumerians in South America and also the existence of this writing in ancient times. Almost immediately was discovered the 'Pokotia monolith', was found there also writings similar to the 'Fuente Magna'.

In the back of the Pokotia monolith. The description of a huge release of energy from the star 'Eta Carinae' around 1.000 years ago, plus there is also another possibility and this is the supernova 'Vela' who did the same 10,000 years ago . The relationship between Sumerian and American terms is evident in words such as 'Potosi', related to the Sumerian term 'Patesi' which means 'priest king', and the term 'Inca' with the Sumerian 'In-ka', which means  'Great Lord'. On the other hand, there are monuments in Tiahuanaco that have similarity with the Pokotia monolith. 
This reinforces the theory that the Sumerians came to South America for metals 'land west of brass' was the  way that they called the place whence imported tha metals that they needed for its construction, this is supported by brothers Verrill in his book 'America's ancient civilizations' [3] and J. Bailey in 'Sailing to Paradise '[4]. An interesting fact is that measures of length between the Incas and the Sumerians are related, this is supported by Hyatt and Ruth Verrill in his book 'America's Ancient Civilizations' (1.953), likewise, measures of length between culture pre-Inca 'Nazca' and Sumerians also have a relationship, this is supported by J. Alden Mason in 'The Ancient Civilization of Peru' [5]. In his book 'Legend: the Genesis of Civilization' [6], archaeologist David Rohl suggests that Egyptian culture was founded by the Sumerians. 

To support it calls attention over the boats made of reeds and the type of walls interspersed with pillars characteristic of Sumerians and Egyptians. What he doesn't say is that these boats are very similar to those use on the  Titicaca lake and the columns are similar to those use in the kalassasaya in Tiahuanaco. To this we must add that already is shown that is possible to cross the seas in huge rafts of reeds so overseas travel in ancient times were possible. 
In the lake Titicaca oral tradition, is talking about the way that the city was sunk, the city could be at the bottom of the lake. James Allen says that the name of Atlantis comes from  two american native words: "atl" meaning "water" in Nahuatl, the language of the Azteca people, the word  in Quechua."anti" means "cooper"In Aymara "atl antis" is a reference  according with Wikipedia to an island continent that was sunk. The first sumerians that arrived to Mesopotamia were comming from the sea according to their legends. The sumerians biult a city named UR and they nomine the Eufrates river with the name of Urutu that means "cooper river", what was interesting was that in this area didn't exist any cooper, therefore they import it from some other place. In teh shadow of Atlantis, Col A. Bragnine say that the forefathersof the egyptians were coming from South America. In this is point out that the metal extracted were sent since the Potosi through the rivers Pilcomayo, Paragua and Parana to the Atlantic Ocean. Is easy made a way since South America to Mesopotania than the opposite.


A century later, the engineer Ivan Guzman de Rojas, discovered the trivalence of the Aymara language with this knowledge he could invent the 'Atamiri' it is a universal translator that use the Aymara as a software to perform the translation from one language to another. The trivalence give to the Aymara language the ability to act as a larger container where other languages could fix; but no other language is sufficiently broad and elastic enough to accomodatethe Aymara. The work of Guzman de Rojas seems to give support to the theories of Ludovico Bertonio and Emeterio Villamil de Rada. In 2.007 Rojas in his book: Futurology and Aymara logic '[10] the engineer wrote' Aymara suffixes helped me to formalize a three-valued logic of truth 'it drove me to an algebra which is very useful to calculate through  the t  computer to calculate inferential scheme, It means, if I have a set of premises, and if I formulated it in modals terms, I can reach a result due algebraic operations. 

The sophistication of everything related to the Aymara language led me to begin to ask me a crucial question about What would civilization as sophisticated language speaking? The answer was Tiahuanaco. 

Was in these circumstances when was found in the 'Sun Gate' Tiahuanaco a 'Magic Square' which gave the key to deciphering 'The enigma of the distribution of prime numbers'.This modern mathematics problem had not been resolved, the algorithm designed by the 'magic square' is able to generate prime numbers, counting and distribute them. This 'Magic Square' allow to formulate  the 'tetraléctic theory'. 


The application of the tetralectic consist in raise an apex from the center of the 'magic square' and to convert it in a pyramid.From this and thanks to an algorithm is possible to generate prime numbers in two of the four bands. The practical application of this discovery is driven by the cryptography and security in regard to generate codes for transactions in the internet and credit cards. Were two facts that make me set my focus over the Tiahuanaco culture, both related to a very advanced multifunctional systems of 3 and 4 valences better than our traditional binary system much less developed, there were the trivalance of the aymara language and the tetravalance of the 'Gate of the Sun' of Tiahuanaco, specifically the hieroglyphic decrypt of the  geometry based on the representation of the Wiracocha God. Tiahuanaco has several possibles transuchslations such as 'The place that is standing the center stone', 'The navel of the world', 'The standying stone', 'The city of the childrens of the sun', 'This belong to god' and 'underground dwellings'.
Another interesting etymology is that of Lake Titicaca, where 'Titi' means 'Lake of the mystery and the Sun'. Returning to the tetravalence say that the man who discovered it called Javier Ruiz Garcia His specialty is not common engineering test applied to the field of microprocessors and telecommunications. Your job is to try everything that others design. If the market moves a new computer, the engineers of this specialty, subject to various efforts to bring the limit of its performance and record the strengths and weaknesses. The engineer learned this specialty in California and is dedicated to it since 1985. He worked in Silicon Valley, where he worked for companies like Intel, Maxtor and Navante. 

Before explaining the tetravalence is necessary to mention briefly the dialectic, this is the way that the West developed have been interpreting the world. Dialectical thinking is in Aristotle, Plato and Heraclitus. All the things are and are not, because everything flows and is changing constantly, averything born and die. Is impossible to plunge twice in a same river, wrote the Greek. This thought was brought to a scientific level perfected by Karl Marx and Hegel. This two-dimensional logic has driven the development of the Western culture, but it is not the only one. The Andes and the Amazon have worked with a four-dimensional logic. 

Hence its name: tetraléctica, which has sociological implications, art, science and math course. This logic is focused on altruism and community life. The conception of human beings as part of something bigger is almost opposite to the individualistic view of any liberal democracy. In his book 'The F6 solution for the distribution of prime numbers' [11]. Ruiz presents a solution to a problem that caught the attention of Eratosthenes, 300 BC. This was the first mathematician who tried to solve that problem. Product of such research is the screen, now used in schools to find and sort primes.

In 1.737, the Swiss mathematician Euler gave the modern rules of infinite analysis and showed that the reciprocal sum of the infinite series N is the product of all the primes numbers. In 1.859, Bernhard Riemann presented a paper in which he tried to find a formula that calculates the number of primes up to any given number. Ruiz bases his theory on the Tiahuanaco tetralectic logic. It has been found, taking as inspiration the geometric shapes of the Gate of the Sun, a solution to one of the 'seven millennium problems' launched by the Mathematical Institute Clyde, from United States. There are a million dollars to those who submit solutions to these problems, applying a conventional method. If the solution lies with another method or 'counterexample', the Institute will decide how much money will be delivered to the mathematician. 

The System F6, has set a world record for the method of counting and factoring primes numbers together. The test can work a six-digit prime in 0.03 seconds. The record obtained in March of 2005 was 131.697 primes ​​generated in 24 minutes, in the range of 3'000,000 to 5'000,000.The F6 system has been proven consistently up to 28 million prime ​​with out any problem. Therefore, this system can test and organize the sequence of primes numbers up to the infinity.

I want to make a paragraph here and work over the quipus, those were documents written by the Incas made for knotted strings, now exists only 1,000 of them because the Spanish conquistadors destroyed all they could for religious reasons. To decipher these codes means access to the Inca history. The existing quipus are mainly in museums (USA, Germany and Peru) and some in their native places. The largest collection is housed in a Berlin museum in Germany with 298 quipus, the second one is in Munich. In 1997 were discovered 32 quipus (with an elaborate pattern coding) and some Spanish documents that were wrote 400 years ago, Professor Urton believes that he could found the 'Rosetta Stone' of the quipus, it could help to break the code that they are hiding.

The history of the quipus goes back to pre-Hispanic times, the ancient quipu discovered was from the city of Caral and dates back 5,000 years. In an article published in The New York Times on the 27 of November of 2005 about the findings of Dr. Gary Urton of Harvard University about quipus, he says: 'the quipus are unlike to anything previously discovered, they do not store information in graphic signs that represent words but use a tri-dimensional binary code similar to the language of computers today. If it is true this would imply not only that the Incas were the inventors of the binary code, but would be the first people to have developed the first three-dimensional written language'. 


At this point I want to emphasize that this statement is not considering the develop of the ATAMIRI and the SOLUTION F6. In his book "Signs of the Incas Quipus' [14] published by the Press University of Texas  (Dr. Urton said that he got the identification of the elements of the quipu). The knots appear to have been organized to encode sequences of binary number '1 'or '0' coding computer programs. The information of the Incas, says Dr. Urton, seems to have been coded in seven-bit sequences. Strictly a 7-bit code would give us 128 possible permutations, but the Incas use up to 24 possible colors during the construction of the quipus, because of that the real permutations possible for a quipu were 1,536.

The Incas thanks to this were able to get a complete set of subject-object-verb. According to Dr. Urton quipus are able to describe the sounds into them. For comparison the Sumerians worked with less than 1,500 cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphics with less than 800. Currently the National Science Foundation finances a detailed khipu database, this will be prepared by Dr. Carrie Brezine, a software developer, mathematician and textile specialist.

I want to emphasize something, all that have been achieved is done under our current digital technology, the scientists use algebra and geometry to create software that have been deduced from the Aymaras, the Tiahuanacos and the Incas; but, what could happen to all that have been discovered if we applied it to a quantum computer? I think is time to let our imagination to fly. Highlight the fact that all these amazing discoveries about the language, spoken or written, from the Tiahuanaco empire or from their heiress the Inca empire, have been happening now with the development of the computing, is easy to foresee that at some point our science will be forced to rewrite the history.


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